KARACHI – The chief of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has announced establishing ‘Muslims Solidarity Forum’ during a conference on Muslim unity held at the Lal Qila Ground located near the MQM headquarter in Azizabad.

Altaf Hussain warned Pakistan would no longer remain intact if army, ISI and government did not take the issues seriously. He called for saving Pakistan from disintegration and considering all the people as Pakistanis.

In his telephonic address from London, Altaf also called for a stern action against the people who give relief and relaxation to miscreants. He said it was regrettable to say that terrorists were nabbed and then freed at the cost of personal interests of special mafia. The officials involved in giving relief and relaxation to the guilty and criminal people should be brought to justice while setting aside all kinds of compromises, he added.

“Accountability of the judges, who have released notorious killers, is also essential for the people of Pakistan,” Altaf opined.

He added that solidarity among the Muslims became more important in the prevailing circumstances because enemies of the county were trying to get benefit of their weaknesses, while Pakistan was facing multiple internal and external threats.

Altaf further said some people were criticising his statements in favour of Shia school of thought, the followers of which were being victimised across the country.

“I always declined to comment on religious matters but citation of the founder Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s sect was essential in the given situation.”

Altaf said if ISI, MI, IB and paramilitary forces failed to provide security to the citizens then the Christian community would demand their independent country, thus resulting in disintegration of the country``.

He said the law enforcement agencies were responsible to maintain law and order situation across the county as they utilised 80 per cent revenue of the country. But the MQM chief also criticised the politicians demanding elections in a hope to rule the country in the prevailing circumstances.

He appealed the Shia leaders to avoid controversy in the speeches and shake hands with the Sunni scholars and clerics.

He said that the spirit of religious tolerance and sectarian harmony was equally essential besides the need for forging solidarity among all the linguistic, cultural and ethnic entities in the country.

Altaf stressed the need for establishing of a forum for promoting unity and sectarian harmony among Muslims of different schools of thought, saying he killing of an innocent Muslim because of sectarian differences was a gross injustice, barbaric and an act of bestiality.

He added that the forum should have representation of scholars belonging from every school of thought.

Altaf exhorted the religious leaders to come forward and play an active role instead of merely delivering sermons from the pulpit. “It would be nothing but deception and pretence if we continued to shift our responsibilities without doing anything practical.”

He said the religious scholars should give up expediency and opportunism and make practical efforts for stopping the bloodshed of innocent people.

The MQM chief said in the past, there used to be isolated instances of the killing of the Shia people, but now they were being slaughtered after being identified, adding that the videos of their gruesome murders were being uploaded on the YouTube.

Altaf said slogans were being chanted that the ‘Shias are infidels’. “If the Shias are infidels, then, God forbid, Quaid-i-Azam was also an infidel. I say this because I can say with confidence that the Quaid-i-Azam was the follower of the Twelver (Ithna ashariyya) Shia sect. I will stand by my statement unless someone proves me wrong by coming up with incontrovertible evidence.”

The MQM chief said the Sunni scholars had also fallen victim to the incidents of targeted killings but there was no example where Sunni people were killed by the Shia people after being taken out of buses and verifying their identity by checking their identity cards.

He asked the religious scholars to make a forum having representation of the religious scholars from every school of thought. He assured them that the MQM workers would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them for eliminating the scourge of sectarianism and protecting the lives of innocent people. “Allah will help us if the Shia clerics would give lectures at mosques and the Sunni clerics would deliver sermons at imambargahs.”