PESHAWAR – The Awami National Party leadership has started making preparation for the next general elections, however on the other hand it has been failed to diminish differences within the party and among the elected representatives.

Sources said that the provincial leadership of Awami National Party has also developed differences with the incumbent Member of Provincial Assembly from PK-79 Said Rahim Khan who is a strong candidate from this constituency. These rivalries increased after the ANP election at district level, when former communication minister Karim Babak got elected as district president of Awami National Party for Buner chapter. Said Rahim Khan who is sitting MPA from PK-79 has lodged complaints that his candidates must be granted some designations in the lower cadres at union council and tehsil levels.

The provincial leadership has also certain reservations regarding the alleged stubborn attitude of Said Rahim Khan, as he has done several works without taking the party into confidences. Keeping in view these differences, it is expected that Awami National Party would search for an alternate candidate to give him ticket in the next general elections. However they would think and rethink before taking this step as Said Rahim has strong ancestry in this constituency and as an independent candidate, he can win his seat from this constituency.

On the other hand, former district nazim Raof Khan is also striving hard to secure ANP ticket from this constituency, as ANP considers Raof Khan the second strong candidate from this constituency.

This will be a blunder on the part of the provincial leadership as the sitting MPA Said Rahim Khan has secured 12000 votes independently in 2002 general election when he contested election from NA-28 while his opponent Sherakbar Khan who has alliance with Jamaat Islami in 2002 general election won his seat with little margin.

The ultimate result of the election was the losing of permanent seat of national assembly at the hand of Jamaat-e-Islami. The Awami National Party now has complete hold over the entire four seats include three seats of provincial assembly and one seat of National Assembly. PK-77 of the district is represented by Sardar Hussain Babak, PK-78 is represented by Qaiser Wali Khan, PK-79 is represented by Said Rahim Khan while NA-28 is represented by Istiqbal Khan who is the son of former MNA Abdul Mateen Khan.

If the Awami National party leadership dropped wining the candidate Said Rahim Khan, then there is no possibility for ANP to win the seat of PK-79. If the party decided to choose another candidate then said Rahim Khan have the option to contest election independently or may use the platform of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf to further strengthen his roots in this constituency.

Sources within the party informed the Nation that sitting MNA Isteqbal Khan has already joined the group of district President Karim Babak whiles the Qaisar Wali Khan and Said Rahim Khan belonged to their opposite group.

The group of Said Rahim Khan and Rahim Zada who claiming himself Tehsil President of ANP have also reservation regarding various party designation at Union council level and they were of the view that their nominated candidates should be granted designation in the party at district and Tehsil level organizations.

Now each group has constituted their own bodies in union council and Tehsil level and two parallel organizations are working this time.

The provincial leadership may visit district Buner to resolve these deference and incase these rivalries within the party were not heeded timely, and then there is eminent chances for Jamaat-e-Islami to win all the seats of the district.