ISLAMABAD  – Fake cosmetics can be found in abundance in markets of twin cities because of the skyrocketing prices of their original brands.

According to Aqib Ali, a cosmetics salesman, the counterfeit cosmetic items have become a phenomenon in the developing countries. They have even made inroads in the developed world, including the United States and European countries, he added. Another salesman Shahid Akram working for a company, which deals in   original international brands of make-up items, having office in Super Market of the Capital, said the authorities concerned were not taking any action against the people selling fake items. That is why the counterfeit cosmetics items abound the Capital markets, he added. He said that his company was incurring considerable losses due to phoney items. Dr Ikram Ullah, a specialist, while talking to APP, said that all fake perfumes and other cosmetic items contained substances, which were harful for health. “A substantial quantity of mercury is found in fake cosmetics which is injurious to health, while the brushes being sold to apply make-up, often have lice,” he added.

Dr Baig of Polyclinic Hospital said that the people tried to save money without realising that the purchase of counterfeit items would ultimately harm them, both economically and physically.

Bargain hunters are tempted by low prices of the counterfeit cosmetic goods, he added.

If there is a product, which is popular among the people, then it is for sure that someone, somewhere, is making its counterfeit version, he added. It is common that street vendors sell such unauthorised products, but now they are being offered for sale on some Internet auction sites also.