BAHAWALPUR - The recent increase in the prices of petroleum products has widely been condemned by all sections of the society and the masses demanded the government to review its policies.

As per details, the transporters and traders expressed concern over the recent increase in POL prices here the other day.

They said that the government had failed to deliver any good for the public and instead crushed the people through its anti-poor policies and made the common man life miserable. They remarked that the unemployment, skyrocketing price-hike, shortage of electricity and gas and law and order situation reflected the failure and ineptitude of the govt.

Meanwhile, they criticized the PPP and PML-N leadership over befooling the masses through hollow slogans and alleged that both the parties had been enjoying perks and privileges through an underhand deal as nothing had been done for public so far. They demanded the rulers to review their policies and withdraw such anti-public decisions to provide them some relief.