“To be or not to be?” is the opening line in William Shakespeare's play, Hamlet.

The question rages in Hamlet’s mind, as he asks himself, ‘To be, or not to be, that is the question? Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the Slings and Arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles, And by opposing end them, to die, to sleep no more’.

The play ends in tragedy, with the gruesome deaths of the entire royal family of Denmark, lying sprawled on the floor, in a pool of blood.

Like Hamlet, our ‘Here today, gone tomorrow’, PM must also be battling with his conscience and asking himself, whether ‘to write or not to write’ the proverbial letter to the Swiss bank.

Our former PM had faced the same dilemma and finally decided not to write the thorny letter. And within a short span of 30 seconds, his fate was sealed and in due course, he was charged with contempt of court, sent back to the barracks and barred from holding public office for five years.   

Therefore, if the Accidental PM that has replaced him also follows the same path, then he too would be betraying the oath that he has taken as Prime Minister of Pakistan and possibly face the same fate as SYRG.

And if he does write the thorny letter, then he would be going against the wishes of his mentor and betraying his friend. As such, like the former PM, RPA is also caught between a rock and a hard place and is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

From the strong resistance by the government, it seems that there is more then just money that is involved here and that there is something very sinister buried in the cold vaults of the Swiss bank, that could be very damaging for AZ.

Even the Honourable Justices of the Supreme Court sense that something stinks in the vaults of the Swiss bank, that could end this cat and mouse and ‘Catch me if you can’ game between the government and the judiciary.

What murky tales lie buried in the cold vaults of the Swiss Banks is not clear, but they have to be very damaging, when even a second PM is being prepared to commit hara-kiri for his President.

Past governments have also been trying to catch the elusive Pink Panther of Pakistan, but without much success. They had hired the best detectives that money could buy, but none had been smart enough to out smart AZ. 

Despite his murky track record, AZ has managed to remain out of the clutches of his detractors and instead, has succeeded in remaining the President of this land of the Pak and the Pure for over four years.

Ever since the PPP government came into power, the Hidden Hands have continuously tried to remove the Accidental President.

They had thought that the Memogate had provided them the ultimate tool to remove him and his cronies from the political arena, but with his usual skill, AZ has managed to neutralize all his adversaries and now the Memo lies buried, like a discarded piece of paper, in the rubbish bin of the past sins of omission and commission of the government.

The abrupt U-turn and change in attitude of the key actors, including the SC and the Men in Khaki, that were investigating the Memo, has dumbfounded and surprised many political analysts and concerned citizens. 

It had raised the question, why this sudden end of an investigation which concerned the security of the country and its nuclear arsenal? What hidden strings were pulled by the Puppet Masters to suddenly allow the leading actors to exit the stage before curtain call and even without a bow?     

So now, we are left with the last and final option, the black NRO and the PM’s option to write or not to write the letter to the Swiss Bank. If the letter is written, then it could be the final curtain call of the ‘Catch me if you can’ saga, which has kept the SC of Pakistan and the citizens riveted to their seats. 

If the PM refuses to obey the orders of the SC, for whatever reasons, then the PM would be exposing himself to Contempt of Court proceedings. However, as before, the stalling and delaying tactics have been put into motion and the PM has succeeded in gaining time to consult his Boss and his Legal Eagles up to 18th September, when he will have to appear before the SC. That day will be another defining moment for the Supreme Court of Pakistan and for the land of the Pak and the Pure.

But the troublesome letter has to be written before the statute of limitations comes into effect, for after that date, the case could be closed forever and buried in the dark and cold vaults of the Swiss bank, like the Memogate scandal and the skeletons of the secrets of our past and present leaders,

And if the Honourable Court fails to enforce the rule of law and take decisive action, without fear or favor, then the independence and credibility of the SC of Pakistan would fall under a shadow of doubt.

Meanwhile, the President has repeatedly stated that democracy is the best revenge and no doubt it is. But true democracy can only succeed if there is a functional, independent and unbiased Judiciary that is free from political interference and where the rule of law is respected. Without these fundamental requirements, democracy becomes hypocrisy and corruption thrives. And unfortunately this is what democracy has become in Pakistan.    

The National Accountability Bureau Chief Admiral (r) Fasih Bukhari has said that due to corruption, the national treasury is facing a mind boggling Rs6 billion to Rs8 billion loss per day. Therefore, the writing of the letter to the Swiss Bank not only affects the future of AZ and his cronies, but also the future of corruption in Pakistan.

And if flouting the orders of the courts and disrespect to the rule of law continue and do not end, then hypocrisy and corruption will continue to thrive in this unfortunate nation.  

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