RAWALPINDI - As soon as major hike in petroleum prices was notified, transporters of the city have raised the fares, augmenting the miseries of the commuters.

Transporters increased fares and started receiving Rs 15 for stop-to-stop from passengers, which led to arguments and fights between passengers and transports.

Whereas, three to five rupees per passenger have been increased by the transports for the route of Taxila, Wah cant, Kalar Syedan, Gujjar Khan and Kotli Sattian The transporters have demanded for new fare lists for across Punjab due to recent increase in petroleum products and CNG prices and have threatened for transport strike if their demands are not met.

Meanwhile, Aurangzeb Rathore, a well-known transporter, said that all transporters associations meeting have been called, which would determine further roadmap pertaining to the recent price hike in petroleum products.