SOUTH WAZIRISTAN - The banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) denied involvement in the Matni blast and blamed that the intelligence agencies were killing civilians to please the US administration.

Talking to INP, TTP spokes-man Ehsanullah Ehsan said the Matni attack, in which around 11 civilians were killed including children, was not the work of TTP fighters.

Ehsan blamed the intelligence agencies and said they conducted the bombings at public places to defame Taliban and to make the US administration happy. “The US agents are responsible for the car bombing at Matni and killing of civilians including children.”

He said the TTP fighters only targeted sites like Mehran base and Kamra Air base which were not public places.

He blamed the intelligence agencies for the previous bombing at public places in various parts of the country.

The TTP spokesman said if the Taliban fighters wanted to target someone they will hit their target at deserted areas to avoid death of innocent people.

On Friday, up to eleven people were killed and 19 others including three children sustained injuries when a car bomb ripped through near a mosque in Atlas Market in Matni, near Peshawar. Six of the injured were in critical condition in the hospital, a police official said.