LAHORE (PR): Pakistan Railways Prem Union Senior Vice President Sheikh Mohammad Anwar, while criticizing PTV building attack by mob, has said that protestors had crossed all limits to break law & order and constitution.

In a press release issued here on Monday, Sheikh Anwar said that protestors have damaged PTV building, gadgets and sophisticated equipments along with brutally beaten staff members and resultantly made Pakistan a laughing stock in the world which is not tolerable, he added.

He further said that protestors and their leaders are feeling proud of doing this shameful act instead of apologising from nation which is shocking, he added.

Sheikh Anwar appealed to all political parties’ leaders and head of departments to play their active role in resolving current political impasse, he said and flayed the shameful demonstration of breaking gate of PTV building and its equipments and stressed to thwart conspiracy against country's economy.