ISLAMABAD- The capital hospitals continued receiving injured patients from Constitution Avenue, as sporadic skirmishes between the security officials and anti-government protesters continued on Monday.

Eighty-two more patients were reported at the hospitals including Pakistan Institute of Medical Science (Pims), 40, Polyclinic Hospital, 40, and Capital Development Authority (CDA) Hospital, 2. A total of 705 patients, besides three dead, have been admitted in government hospitals since the clashes started at Red Zone between the law enforcement personnel and workers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT).

On Monday at Pims, out of reported patients, 21 were police officials while 19 were identified as anti-government protesters, Pims Administrator Dr Altaf Hussain informed.

SSP Asmatullah Junejo and his operator Sajjad also got injured during the clashes. He suffered head injury. He was shifted to Polyclinic Hospital but the doctors referred him to Pims. Doctors said his reports were clear but he would remain under observation in intensive care unit (ICU) for 24 hours. His operator also received multiple injuries and was admitted at surgical ICU.

Pims has so far received 306 injured persons and out of them 104 were policemen, 38 were women and 5 were children while the rest of them were male protesters.

Two medical and post-mortem boards of health professional of Pims confirmed that the two patients who succumbed to injuries on Sunday were shot with ‘high velocity projectile metallic object.’

Rafiullah, 24, died because of penetrating head injury caused by a metallic object, said the Pims administrator. Ghulam Bhatti, 26, who passed away due to abdominal injury, also died of the same high velocity metallic object. Naveed Razaq, 42, who was brought dead at the hospital, drowned in a ditch dug for metro bus project, he said. No casualty was reported on Monday.

The hospital record showed a total of 76 admissions and out of them 29 were still admitted. Eleven patients have suffered fractures - 5 jaw fractures, 3 lower limb and 3 upper limb fractures. Six surgeries were performed and all other admitted patients are out of danger. Doctors also performed surgeries on Usman, 26-year-old resident of Karachi. He sustained three leg fractures as he was shot with live bullet.

At Polyclinic Hospital so far 350 patients from the Red Zone were reported and of them 55 were security officials, 50 were women and 14 were children. According to Dr Tanvir Malik, Polyclinic Hospital spokesman and emergency in-charge, all patients were discharged after giving medical care while 15 were admitted and of them 4 patients received fractures. Only one patient was brought to Polyclinic with pallet bullet injury.

On Monday 40 patients were brought to the hospital from the clash site and of them 10 were police officials. According to officials, the cops suffered from blunt injuries and suffocations caused by batons, stones and teargas.

Other than the injured persons, around 100 patients also visited the hospital for the treatment of diarrhoea, fever, flu, fatigue and respiratory issues. CDA Hospital also reported two more patients on Monday. All were discharged after first aid.