ISLAMABAD- Ministry of water and power has decided to regulate free units of electricity being provided to employees of all power distribution company including GENCO and NTDC.

The ministry is considering to include the amount equal to the cost of free units in their salaries of the employees or to install smart meters at their residences.

About 186126 employees are working in 10 distribution companies including GENCOS and NTDC and they are entitled to use 397239600 free electricity units costing Rs 5164114800 annually.

Sources said the employees trespass their limits and consume the electricity free of cost the whole year long. This decision will put the additional burden of Rs 5164114000 on the distribution companies on account of increase to be made in the salaries of the employees against cost of these units.

1200 units free of cost per annum are allowed to employees of grade 1 to 4, 1800 units to grade 5 to 10, 2400 units to employees of grade 11 to 15, 3600 units to grade 16, 5400 units to grade 17, 7200 units to employees of grade 18, 10560 units to grade 19 and 13200 units per year are allowed to officers of grade 20.