ISLAMABAD- Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf President Javed Hashmi today announced his resignation as member of the National Assembly while addressing a joint session of the parliament.

“I announce my resignation, I’m going back to the people of Pakistan,” he said while concluding his address. Criticizing the government for manhandling the issues, Hashmi said that if the government failed to satisfy the opposition parties’ concerns under parliamentary system, it was not the failure of the opposition but of the government.

“If the government fails to resolve the country’s issues and for that matter I took to street against the government then the public would consider me messiah,” Hashmi said while addressing a joint session of the parliament. He stressed upon a need to make the parliament a “meaningful parliament.”

 “I come in the Parliament to testify that the continuation of parliamentary system is inevitable,” the PTI president said. Reiterating his statements regarding Imran Khan, he says, "Imran said he wants to hold a sit-in at D-chowk, I said okay. When Imran started talking about SC forming a government of technocrats, I told him SC doesn't have that power."

Skipping to the issue of the blocked routes to Parliament, he says, "Today I reached Parliament searching for the way to the building, all my life I will keep looking for the way."

Hashmi said he had asked Benazir Bhutto not to ink a deal with the then military ruler General (retd) Pervez Musharraf, warning the self-exiled PPP leader that he would get her killed.

He further criticized the prime minister for not attending senate sessions for 14 months. “Imran Khan gave me respect more than any other politician,” he added.

After the conclusion of his speech Nawaz Sharif walked over to Javed Hashmi and the two shook hands. The session of the House was adjourned till Wednesday; at 11 am.