PESHAWAR- Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) police has amended the outdated efficiency and discipline rules in order to introduce effective means of supervision.

The erstwhile Efficiency & Discipline Rules 1975 were a big impediment in effective supervision within the force as they did not provide the field commanders i.e the DPOs and SDPOs with any effective powers to punish their under command. IGP KP Nasir Khan Durrani said that administration was predicated upon the ability to punish & reward and it is impossible to actually command a disciplined force without having these requisites.

Prior to the recently introduced amendments, a District Police Officer was unable to punish the officers of the ranks of Inspector. Likewise, a SDPO had no powers to punish an officer of any rank. The situation had rendered the office of SDPO ineffective and the DPOs were found reluctant to post Inspectors as SHO. Likewise, the RPOs had no means to discipline the SDPOs as the powers to punish an officer of the rank of BS-17 rested solely with the IGP. This state of affairs was adversely affecting the process of supervision and discipline within the force.