KARACHI - The chief of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), General (r) Pervaiz Musharaf has said that caretaker government is essential to be formed under the supervision of Pakistan Army.

In a statement issued on Monday, he said peaceful protest was constitutional and democratic right of the citizens.

He said the protestors exposed the real face of the rulers who had fake mandate. The incumbent government had been formed through massive rigging in 2013 general elections. The leaders of the ruling government are always hatching conspiracies against the Pakistan Army, he added.

He condemned brutal torture on the media men, saying it has been proved that the government has adopted pressure tactics to run the government which is totally against the democratic norms.

He showed concern over politicisation of the army by the government in current turmoil. He said the leaders were trying to become political martyr because the ruling party had failed to deliver and they also create hurdles against the democracy.

“If the current state terrorism will not stop on immediate basis then people lose their trust in democracy,” he added.

Musharraf said the state had treated the peaceful protestors as enemies of the country.