LAHORE- Former president Supreme Court Bar Association Asma Jahangir has said that there is no room for the army in the Constitution of the country to become arbitrator while the judges of the Supreme Court should resign in the present situation.

Talking to media here on Monday, she advised the political parties to resolve their issues politically. She said the stint of the army rule will be at least for 10 years in case of any takeover.

Asma said that an interim setup must be established to answer those who had written the script of the present situation. She stated that political leaders must stop distorting the image of prime minister anymore. She alleged the army leadership of writing the script of the current scenario.

Meanwhile, Lahore High Court Bar Association president Shafqat Mahmood Chohan said that all political parties should resolve their issues through dialogue. He said the lawyers would be on roads if the democratic system was destabilised. However, Chohan condemned the entrance of marchers into the building of state television with advice to their leaders to think about their actions.