ISLAMABAD- After Sunday’s Corps Commanders meeting and their order to the government wrapped in the cover of suggestion to avoid use of force against the protesters, police force deputed in Islamabad to control them has been ordered not to harm them even if they attack them.

Police officials on the sight said that we are seeing a visible difference in strategy after the Corps Commander meeting and we are forced to get beaten by the mob of Dr Qadri or run away from the scene.

They said that all day the hide and seek between them and Qadri's violent protesters remained but they were not allowed to use force against these people who were continuously throwing stones on them.

An Elite Force also said that we are being realised by this mob that we are not human or respectable. He said that they come in front of us then start shouting slogans in favour of Army and condemn us. "Now we have started believing that this show belongs to establishment and it doesn't want us to harm its representatives who have made hostage the red zone of Islamabad to have the resignation of Prime Minister.”

Policemen told this scribe that there new boss Asmatullah Junejo was also seriously injured by the violence of these people of Qadri but we did not respond following the directions of the government. They showed the blood of SSP in the vehicle that carried him away from the scene.

"They are not too many in front of us right now and a dozen of us can tell them a lesson for this violence but we are not allowed to do so and they are now feeling the king in the whole area", a policeman said.

Qadri on the other side in his speech during the day claimed that he had ordered his followers to keep calm and perform no violent act. But at the same time he addressing his followers who were sitting in front of Prime Minister House ordered that Prime Minister must not be given a passage from here neither anyone else should be allowed to enter or exit from this gate except Pakistan Army. Qadri repeatedly told his followers that Pakistan Army was their only friend and they should not mess with it.

From so many days now, Qadri on the daily basis is signalling that Pakistan Army is on his back. In his another day's speech he even told his followers that he was trying to contact some Army officials they were responding the calls at that time. He had claimed that they were holding meeting to take the decisions and those decisions he claimed were going to favour their cause instead of the government. Even today he told his followers that their success was near and the government was afraid of them now but Corps Commanders in their meeting have suggested the government not to use force against this crowd of Qadri who are not in a way threatening the government and its institutions.