KARACHI-Political leaders of various political parties have denounced the attack on the Pakistan Television headquarters in Islamabad.

They said the protesters should protest within the boundaries of law and constitution.

PPP MNAs in a joint statement said Pakistan Television, President House, Parliament House and other buildings were the symbol of the state and damaging or capturing these buildings would be considered as an act of enmity against the country. They said currently the conservative elements were active to fulfill their nefarious aims and had put the country’s integrity at stake to accomplish their own political interests.

They further appealed to all the protesting parties and government to change their attitude and avoid defaming Pakistan on international level. PTI, PAT and PML-N would be responsible if the democracy derails in the country. They demanded the federal government to increase security of all the state buildings and deal with the attackers with iron hand.

Denouncing the attack on PTV headquarters, MQM chief Altaf Husain said the state institutions and buildings were the official state symbols and they must be protected. In a statement issued on Monday, he said though it was the fundamental right of everyone to stage peaceful protest demonstration but these protestors should hold protests within the limits of law and constitution.

Referring to Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri, he said they should strictly disallow their followers from attacking any state building whether it is PTV headquarters, Radio Station or the Parliament House. The protestors should rather respect the state buildings and refrain from causing any kind of loss to them, he urged.

He said the PTI and PAT protestors should not undermine the country with their unlawful acts. The protestors must remain peaceful.

Meanwhile, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazal Sindh deputy secretary general Aslam Ghauri has said the attack on the state buildings had unmasked the so-called promoters of the democracy. He said the protesting parties’ leadership on one side were claiming themselves to be the champions of democracy while on the other they were inviting the third force to intervene by attacking the state buildings including PTV headquarters, Parliament House, Prime Minister House and others.

He further added the nation would not forgive the leadership of the protesting parties if democracy gets derailed.