Democracy is all about negotiation, dialogue, rights of the people and rule of law but practically none of it has been seen recently. It takes a lot of struggle to achieve true democracy. It’s about flexibility and patience, one should have the ability to sit with others and listen to political opponents. In the current situation we can hardly see democracy or any of its component being practiced by the ruling party. Unfortunately our government has failed miserably to reach a political solution to the protests in Islamabad. It is shameful that they have involved Pakistan Army to negotiate. It is the job of all democratic stake-olders to maintain stability within democracy but sadly they failed.

The stubborn nature of the ruling party is causing destruction, it seems disgraceful that we talk about the ‘supremacy of the parliament’ and there was a short session, on this important issue, in the parliament. If our Prime Minister had given it its due importance and attention in the parliament, matters would not have gone out of hand. We must quit the doors of this parliament and change the ideology of democracy in Pakistan by eliminating the problems in a peaceful manner.


Karachi, August 30.