Certainly when the young scion of the Bhutto clan, Bilawal Zardari flies in or out of the country and that too at a time of elections, that is bound to attract attention. Some may even find in it the stuff for rumour mongering. The media was abuzz with speculation after his departure for Dubai a few days back, yet with an element of shock and surprise. Three different explanations were given; first, he was not happy with his father over allotment of tickets to the candidates, second, he left the country over security fears, and third, according to former Prime Minister Gilani it was just a routine visit. Bilawal’s return early Tuesday morning put paid to such thoughts albeit President Zardari’s trip to Dubai in his pursuit gave currency to the reports that this was a fence mending mission.

If the angry young man and the father have made peace with each other that would allow Bilawal to lead the party in the elections in the way he thinks is the right way, so much the better. It might somewhat lift the party’s sagging fortunes, although predictions are not quite favourable. Bilawal’s paradox is that he is the Chairman of the party but not in true sense of the word. He is young, and more importantly, comes with no political baggage as he has yet to claw his way up the success ladder. At least under his influence, the party will draw the much-needed morale.