Why has Gen Musharraf arrived in Pakistan despite serious cases waiting for him and so many out for his blood? Is he outright reckless, or as Shakespeare said “there is a method to his madness”? It has puzzled everyone, especially his followers. Musharraf was never known for his high morals and principles that he generally and openly claims to uphold; nor is he known for any physical courage or military feats during his soldiering days, however his real forte emerged as a politician, the only plausible reason for his return is that he has been given ironclad guarantees by the powers that matter. Those powers have given him a mission of sorts if a window of opportunity arises, which is most likely. As things stand, the elections will be violent and bloody because of the high stakes involved in the battle of ballot, and if things do not work out as planned, Musharraf would be pulled out of the hat like Dr Tahirul Qadri. It would be highly unfortunate if he is helped into a position of power under some grand design, in an unconstitutional fashion. It would have serious reverberations within the institution and the nation. We will sadly be back to square one


Rawalpindi, April 1.