Chairman NAB, Admiral Fasih Bukhari has suggested that the ECP should give up the useless marathon of scrutiny of all candidates for it is impossible for the commission to complete the job on time. He further said, "if action is taken against the candidates and they are barred from contesting, it can be considered that their political parties are being victimized." The suggestion coming from someone who should have been scrutinizing all the embezzlements in Pakistan seems not only strange but bizarre.

The scrutiny of all the candidates and to judge their ability under Article 62 and 63 is not a useless marathon exercise. In the last five years, the Apex court had to waste precious time to make the parliament free of dishonest parliamentarians. Had the previous Election Commission taken such actions against those candidates who had fake degrees, who were tax evaders, bank loans and utility dues defaulters, much-needed time could have been saved.

As far as the idea, "our political party is being victimized” is concerned it will be propagated at the very time whenever the Election Commission of Pakistan and The Apex Court will try to judge the candidates according to the Constitution. The people who have deceived this nation do not deserve to be in the parliament again. So ECP should not let them take part in the elections, what may come.


Lahore, March 29.