I want to bring to the notice of the honorable Governor Punjab Makhdoom Ahmed Mahmood, the pathetic and deplorable condition prevailing in what was one of the finest education institutions of Pakistan. It was a turning point for Bahawalpur region when, due to the generous donation of 450 acres of prime land and the untiring and praiseworthy efforts of then Chief Minister of Bahawalpur Makhdoomzada Hassan Mahmood, a school was completed in our area. It was completed in a record period of nine months and started functioning on 18th January 1954.

The School soon became one of the finest public schools of Pakistan owing to the hard work of the founding fathers, the great and dedicated people such as Principal Khan Anwar Sikandar Khan, Mr. Abu Zafar Haneef, the Senior House Master and Mr Jivanandham, the Bursar. After Mr Abu Zafar Haneef’s retirement the school suffered a series of setbacks when a retired Colonel was appointed as the Principal in 1979. This period was the start of the decline of this great seat of learning. All the Principals that followed, including the present incumbent, have not been able to run the school in line with its glorious traditions and the unmatched standard of education expected of it. Some of the teaching staff that was hard working and loyal was abruptly removed and new favourites were appointed. Naturally when someone achieves a position due to a favour, there can be no motivation to work hard and thus any organization will start declining.

Being an old Sadiqian on a visit to Pakistan, I request Governor Punjab to take immediate steps to save Sadiq Public School from further deterioration.


South Africa, April 1.