The ink had hardly dried on notification for dissolution of National Assembly and federal cabinet, that IMF retired pensioner, appointed as head of Planning Commission, issued a joint study with USAID about gross irregularities and corruption that has contributed to worst power shortages and energy crisis that has crippled Pakistan’s industry and economy during past five years. Unfortunate reality is, that it was this very Planning Commission, which had rubber stamped all development plans, with no written objections, during last three years of this government.

This has become a routine for these ‘briefcase technocrats’, who having served international financial institutions all their lives, acquired foreign residential status, want to come back on lucrative assignments after retirement, to seek perks of powerful constitutional offices of importance, which they could never have achieved in IMF, World Bank, ADB etc. These controversial technocrats, were party to politically timed decision to approve Iran Gas Pipeline Project in last few weeks of this coalition government, but were wise enough to report sick for President’s trip to Iran, fearful that entry/exit stamp on their passports might annoy their foreign masters and jeopardize their future prospects.

It can only happen in Pakistan, that all key financial institutions, such as State Bank, National Bank, Auditor General, or government nominated members of Board of Directors of various banks hold foreign nationality. The Viceroy may have departed in 1947, but Pakistan’s key financial policies, decisions and plans are framed by men who may hold Pakistani nationality, but their oath of citizenship or their assets, make them susceptible to foreign influence.


Peshawar, March 31.