LONDON-Have you ever pretended it’s your birthday while out in a bar in the hope of getting a free drink? Or made out that you’re newlyweds on holiday to get a honeymoon upgrade?

If you’re cheeky and don’t mind telling a little white lie to get free stuff, then these teenagers are probably going to be your heroes.

Alex Nagle, 17, and his best friend Cati Domitrovich, 19, went out for dinner and came up with a stunt to cheer themselves up after a terrible week.

The pranksters, from Texas, went to a fancy restaurant for a meal armed with a fake engagement ring and had to act like a couple for the entire dinner.

Nagle told BuzzFeed News that when his friend went to the bathroom, he told the waiting staff that he was going to propose and asked their waitress to take photos.

Apparently it was so convincing, the entire restaurant bought into it.

“Everyone believed us and everyone clapped,” Domitrovich said.

Their stunt has proved so popular online, it’s been shared almost 28,000 times and ‘liked’ almost 54,000 times.

And it’s got people wondering why they haven’t thought to do it.

“We’re thinking about doing it other places too,” said Domitrovich.

Yeah, restaurants are probably going to catch on after all the attention this has got.