SIALKOT-The Food Department has announced to issue gunny bags to the growers from April 20 in Gujranwala Division for wheat procurement.

It said that the wheat procurement will begin at all the 43 official wheat procurement centres from April 25. They said that all the necessary arrangements have been finalised. The officials added that the Food Department will start supplying gunny bags to procurement centres from April 07 in Sialkot, Narowal, Gujrat, Mandi Bahaud Din, Hafizabad and Gujranwala districts and then to be issued to the growers.

The officials also revealed that the Punjab government has decided to affix the CCTV cameras at all the 43 official wheat procurement centres to ensure the transparent procurement of the wheat yield.

The government would also depute data entry operators at these official wheat procurement centres besides providing android mobile phones to the in-charges of centres.

They added that the online data of the wheat selling growers and farmers would be sent to the Punjab government on the daily basis, while the senior officials will monitor all the processes of wheat selling and purchasing through the CCTV cameras which would be linked with the online system.

The Punjab government has issued the procurement target for Gujranwala Division, under the which it will purchase 432,000 tons of wheat from the growers at the official wheat procurement centres in Sialkot, Narowal, Gujrat, Mandi Bahaud Din and Gujranwala districts this year. PASSCO will purchase wheat in Hafizabad district.

According to the senior officials of the Food Department, it will purchase 82,000 tons wheat yield in Sialkot district, 41000 in Narowal district, 28000 in Gujrat district, 60000 in Mandi Bahaud Din district and 221000 tons of wheat in Gujranwala district.