In the Avenfield reference case, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, daughter Maryam Nawaz has been exempted from appearing in court today.

As the hearing of the Avenfield properties resumed today, Nawaz Sharif’s attorney Khawaja Haris informed Justice Muhammad Bashir that Nawaz Sharif’s flight was not allowed to take off due to bad weather.

Judge Muhammad Bashir approved the Nawaz’s exemption from appearing in the court request but directed Capt Safdar (retd) to remain in court.

The case, based on a reference filed by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on the Supreme Court's directions, pertains to the Sharif family's London apartments.

Khwaja Haris resumed the cross-examining on the prime witness head of the Panama case joint investigation team (JIT) Wajid Zia.

Wajid Zia informed the court that JIT sent four letter to UAE government for mutual legal assistance programme and three of them did not have any attached document.

Nawaz Sharif lawyer Khwaja Haris requested the court to record the proceedings of the case, Judge Muhammad Bashir informally agreed.

In the previous hearings, Zia was questioned over the JIT's investigation of the sale of Gulf Steel Mills, owned by the Sharif family.

Joint Investigation Team (JIT) head Wajid Zia stated that there was no document to show that ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif was the owner or had remained an owner of the Avenfield apartments at any point in time.