Ahsan Iqbal , federal interior minister, said that eliminating terrorism from the country is our national determination.

Ahsan Iqbal while addressing the three-day International Counter-Terrorism forum in Islamabad said, “It is our national resolve to cleanse any sign of terrorism to achieve the objective of peace and development.”

“Terrorists have targeted all sections of Pakistan; terrorists have attacked mosques, churches, temples and shrines”, he added.

Moreover he discussed in detail about the efforts and sacrifices which Pakistan has been rendered against the war on terror. He stated that we started Operation Zarb-e-Azb on our own resources.  

Even after losing 60,000 precious lives in war against terrorism, it didn’t admonish Pakistanis for achieving their national goal of peace and development, said Ahsan Iqbal .  

He also said,  the war against terrorism isn’t over yet and still there is a need of collective efforts for this issue.

while addressing he stated, Pakistan is facing the consequences of Afghan War. Pakistan is now considered among the emerging economies of the world by different reputed world publications and the country is no more an dangerous place to live in.

He showed his deep concerns on the current suppressing of Kashmiris by Indian troops. Ahsan Iqbal said that it will further deteriorate the situatin and will lead towards regional instability. He asked International community to intervene and stop the bloodshed in Kashmir.

He warns that the whole situation would benefit the terrorists.