MIRPURKHAS - Scores of abadgars stage a protest against increasing the rates of fertilisers at Hyderabad Mirpurkhas road on Monday.

The protest led by Nadem Bhurgari and Khalid Arain, carrying banners and placards raised slogans against the government and fertilisers companies for enhancing the rates of DAP and NP fertilisers.

They alleged that the government had increased the diesel prices as resultantly, fertilisers companies have enhanced the rate of their fertilisers as they added that in November 2017, Nitrophast NP fertiliser was being sold at Rs1,850 per bag but now it was being sold at Rs2,550 per bag. They said that rate of DAP per beg was Rs2,550 in October 2017, but now its rate has been increased till 3,100 per bag. They blamed that input of the agriculture sector increasing day by day as resultantly, agriculture sector will be destroy because they had deprived of reasonable prices of their agriculture commodities for last five months. They demanded the government and fertilisers companies to withdraw the recent increase the price of fertilisers.