ISLAMABAD-Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) acting director general Amer Ali Ahmed has said that merit is the only solution to Pakistan sports woes.

Talking to The Nation, Amer promises to work for the betterment of athletes and ensures merit and proper cash incentives for medal-winning athletes. “I have given clear directions ever since I took over the charge and told my subordinates to ensure financial matters must be brought through proper channel and everything must be tabled in writing. As long as I am PSB director general, I will ensure merit and never ever allow any wrongdoing.”

He said in less than a month after taking charge, he had visited all the places from Hostels to Jinnah Stadium, from Rodhem Hall to Naseer Bunda Stadium, from Jinnah Stadium to Roshan Khan Stadium, from Liaqat Gymnasium to outer stadiums. “The PSB is presenting completely different look. After being made aware by media about the flaws and shortcomings in the PSB, I have taken strong notice and ensured Commonwealth-bound contingent, whether they are PSB officers, coaches or athletes, they must send daily report about the happenings and upon their arrival, I will seek complete detailed report, as it is national kitty and money should be well-spent.”

Amer said he had noticed in the past that the PSB never took responsibility and never sought report despite the fact that they were major stakeholders and it is their national and moral duty to know exact nature of things. “There would be no more joy-rides and no blue-eyed would be sent abroad on national expenses. If we have to send extra coach or athletes, we are ready to bear expenses, as in return, they will learn something and pass on that knowledge to athletes and other coaches.

“Same old faces, who have enjoyed lot of international tours, must be given rest and fresh people will be sent abroad. We need to educate our people for which I have chalked out three major areas, upon which I am going to give special emphasize. I don’t need months or years to implement the things, as I will show major changes in 15 days,” he added.

He strongly agreed that in past, non-affiliated associations/federations enjoyed liberty, but now, only affiliated federations will get maximum benefits. “PSB is like father and we are ready to extend facilities and cooperation to all the affiliated federations and genuine athletes.”

Amer said he had pass on directives to all deputy director generals and directors to ensure staff attendance, maintain leave register and keep a close check on all the PSB officials. “I can easily install thumb-impression machine at all the entry and exit points, but I want to give them chance to ensure discipline. If they continue with their self-styled policies, then action will be taken against the violators.”

The PSB director general said he had noticed Jinnah Stadium tatan track is in shambles. “We don’t need to demand huge amount from government, as we can generate funds through our own resources, while very soon, Naseer Bunda Astroturf and Rodham Hall wooden floor will be replaced, as we know international sports is returning to Pakistan and we have huge infrastructure, we just need to maintain our facilities.”

“I have also convened a meeting with Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) president and others, which will take place very soon, where we will discuss in detail ways and means to resolve problems as in such limited resources, our athletes are winning laurels for the country. I know we can do wonders in our resources and we are preparing the things and soon, people and stakeholders will witness positive changes,” Amer concluded.