OKARA-The management of Okara District Jail has been trying its best to reconcile the rival parties with each other for the acquittal of death row prisoners so they may have a hope of life.

This was stated by the jail staff during a briefing session organised for the people visiting the jail in connection with the first ever two-day celebrations of Jashn-e-Baharan festival in District Jail Okara the other day. The festival was inaugurated by Noor Hassan Baghela, first superintendent of the jail.

In an augural speech, Mr Baghela said that construction of the prison was initiated in 2006 and completed in August 2015. He said that the prison sat beside Okara-Faisalabad highway about 12km away from Okara city. The superintendent led the participants of the festival to the prison where they went round different portions of the jail.

Mr Baghela led them to waiting shed, water filtration plant, gym, Family Park, main threshold, flag hoisting site, juvenile ward, hospital, kitchen, indoor game hall, educational complex, football/volleyball ground, mosque, central tower, prisoners' cells and gardens on the jail premises.

The excellent thing was the abundance of different kinds of green and flowery plants on the jail premises which touched the participants profoundly. A death row prisoner was witnessed painting a gate pillar. The jail staff told the visitors that he had been sentenced to death by the court, but he knew the art of painting so he was assigned to the task. The death row prisoner was also witnessed happy with his work.