Years ago, fundamentalists attempted to murder an idea but nature had another plan. This little-known idea got recognition and received acclamation worldwide. Both idea and idealist, the youngest Nobel Prize laureate Malala Yousaf Zai attained great esteem making entire Pakistan proud. Like every conscious and perspicacious person, Malala believed that the education in general and girl education, in particular, is the bedrock for nation’s development. To achieve educational goals, she started activism in her native Swat valley of Pakistan. She strived to change the perception of people in this regard. During this course of time, the brave girl faced gobs of hurdles on her way.

However, enduringly and passionately, she fixed her eyes on her goal and eventually succeeded in actuating many girls to join the school. She challenged the absurd norms set up by local Taliban in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and was perceived as a saboteur by them. To silence her, the assassination attempt was carried out, but that brutalism conversely was a life changer for Malala.

The time she was attacked and especially the aftermath of the attack, the way she was honoured by her country and the world community, different opinions were floated, mostly against her. It was said; actually, she is being revered for her rant against (so-called) Islamists, though there was nothing like that. Even in Pakistan, her character is seen through the prism of prejudice.

In some communities’ the name 'Malala' is even used as a substitute for 'apostate'. Rather than appreciating her efforts, she was at receiving end but after years, she proved everyone wrong. Today, all and one acknowledge that her struggle is just and need of the hour. Her passion of reproving that; Words, books, and pens are more powerful than guns’ is being admired now. People have realised to the large extent that her opinion that ‘Pen is prosperity, Gun is destruction’ has become a fact as she says, "If you want to end the war then instead of sending guns, send books. Instead of sending tanks, send pens. Instead of sending soldiers, send teachers." And the way she was greeted upon unannounced arrival to her country is clear proof of that. It is important to note that such an idea is not only for those who tried to kill Malala but also for leaders of developed nations, who are silent on human right violations being perpetrated globally and even supply weapons to other countries and engage them into war.

Malala’s brief tour to Pakistan is also shot in the arm and can have an expedient impact. Pakistan is facing problems on all fronts particularly education sector, upon which progress of a nation relies, is in bad and poor state. Education sector is in dire need of renovation and a girl like Malala can strike a chord to bring required changes in this sector. She, as an ideal can bring about change in this percept.

Thus, the administration needs to utilize her capabilities in a productive way. The sections of society, who still see her with a jaundiced eye, need to change their approach. They may have differences with her on some issues, but there is no doubt her activism is justifiable. They have right to oppose what is wrong, but should support what is right. Also, by taking a cue from her efforts towards women education; youth, especially girls need to come forward for progressive transition in schools that build the future of the nation and the improvement in education system that will pave the way for progressive, stable, and strong Pakistan.