Cricket has come home to the city of lights and Karachi has welcomed the International cricket with zeal and zest. After successful holding of PSL matches in Pakistan, Karachi is once again hosting the international cricket team with full boom.

The long hours of waiting in the stadium and multiple security checks has not faded the passion and enthusiasm of the cricket loving nation. On the very last day of three T20 match series, Karachi has successfully delivered the huge task of organization from security to crowd management after a decade.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has put a lot of time and effort to ensure the return of cricket to a cricket deprived nation.

What were the most memorable moments of the Windies tour of Pakistan? Here is the list.

Karachi Stadium filled with the echoes of National Anthem

Karachiites giving a goosebump moment when the entire crowd stood up chanting the national anthem on the top of their lungs in sync when the sound system in the stadium failed, hence leaving smiles on many faces and making the nation proud. The technical glitch turned out to be giving us the historical moment in the very beginning of West Indies tour.

Dil Dil Pakistan made a comeback in the stadium

The National Stadium in Karachi seems to have become a place where patriotism and passion have come together to be reborn. Another heart melting scene from the comeback of cricket was to hear ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ making a comeback in Karachi stadium with hordes of audiences in all enclosures singing the song.

Find the ‘B’

After the integrations of sponsors and brands in PSL, we have also seen a lot of brand activation in this recent series. On entry points, audiences who came to watch the match got a chance to record how they were feeling about attending an international series in Pakistan. On ground audiences were also given a chance to win free room makeovers through Brighto Paints in ‘Find the B’ Campaign which sent home many happy winners all set and ready to get full luxury paint makeovers.

Shadab Khan in hot waters for abusing Walton

As much as we condemn, we are ashamed of the incident when Shadab Khan pointed his finger at Chadwick Walton and made an inappropriate comment after dismissing him in the 9th over of 2nd T20. The commentators tried their level best to make the incident lit but couldn’t save Shadab from getting fined.

Spectators giving out message to the world through Placards

This time we have seen the audience carrying placards to express their feelings and emotions about cricket coming back to the Karachi grounds. What caught our attention was the message displayed at the cards. One of the placards stated, ‘we are Muslims and we are not terrorists’ giving a clear message to the world that Pakistan is a safe and peaceful country.