KARACHI - Former CEO of the PCB Arif Ali Khan Abbasi has slammed reports accusing former skipper Salim Malik of involvement in match fixing and said nothing could be father from the truth than these reports. On the contrary an independent one judge commission of honourable justice Fakharuddin G.Ibrahim and a Lahore court has absolved the Pakistan skipper of all allegations leveled by three Australians Test cricketers in late eighties during that country's tour of Pakistan, Arif Ali Khan told The Nation here Sunday. He said an international news organization has mentioned allegations against Salim Malik in a story put out on bookies but some portions related to Salim Malik was written without double checking the facts. Recalling twenty odd years old events that surfaced after three Australians Tim May, Shane Warne and Mark Waugh alleged that Salim Malik leading Pakistan in the home series allegedly offered them bribe to " under perform", he said the allegations came six months after the end of the Australian tour in which the tourists lost the test match in which the alleged bribe was offered. The strangest part of the whole preposterous allegations was that it came six months after the completion of the tour. The then BCCP rubbished the allegations but to satisfy the inquisitiveness of international media and to confirm that Salim Malik was not involved at all in that kind of degrading moral activity, the BCCP on its own without any prodding from any quarter requested one of Pakistan's most respected judge Fakharuddin G Ibrahim with full authority to carry out an independent enquiry. He was even told that expenses should not be any problem because even though the BCCP regarded allegations absurd but still wanted to reach the bottom of the matter and tell the world that Salim Malik was clean and that Aussies accusations were false and absurd. It was done to vindicate Pakistan's honor and of that of Salim Malik. The honourable judge Fakahruddin G. Ibrahim was immediately contacted by Australian Broadcasting Corporation after his nomination and the judge was very clear in his thoughts and told the Australian media that he would like the three accusers to visit Pakistan and give evidence. But the three players preferred not to appear. Judge Fakhrauddin G Ibrahim fulfilled all the requirements of the law and pronounced allegations as baseless and exonerated the Pakistani skipper of all wrong doing.. The president of the then ICC Clyde Walcott of the West Indies acknowledged the fairness with which the BCCP had carried out investigations on its own and appreciated Pakistan board at an international media conference at The Lord's vindicating Pakistan's position on the issue. He blasted some officials of the PCB which replaced the BCCP for reopening the case and requesting Judge Malik Qayyum to reinvestigate the charges though those had been dismissed by a person like Judge Fakhrauddin G Ibrhaim. The move to reopen investigations was based on bias and possibly personal grudge of the then CEO of the PCB, he alleged. Even in his extended investigation Judge Malik Qayyum did not give a decisive verdict and suggested some steps against a number of players including Salim Malik and advised the PCB not to involve Salim Malik in any future cricket activity. But the investigation did not find any solid evidence against Salim Malik. Salim Malik himself pursued the matter in higher court that have exonerated the cricketer from all charges. In short all charges against Salim Malik were proved baseless and his honor was restored but still some reports based on ignorance and bias still state that Salim Malik was found guilty which was not true, he added.