As if the torturous loadshedding is not enough during the daytime, PEPCO has resorted to switching-off the power in the late night hours too which continues intermittently till sunrise. The suffering people are deprived of even the few hours of sleep they used to have. The power demand is at its minimum after mid-night while generation capacity is higher. There is, therefore, no need of power being shed. The people should be spared the agony of sleepless nights in this hot and humid weather. PEPCO should not any more test the nerves of the citizens who are already at the end of their tether due to relentless power cuts. The undesired power cuts, resulting in loss of sleep and fatigue, can make them sick. We might soon have many psycho cases on our hands. -ENGR R.A. BHUTTA, Lahore, via e-mail, July 24.