LAHORE - The worst fuel scarcity hit the Punjab Capital since Friday night, multiplying the miseries of the motorists particularly the motorcyclists as most of the filling stations suspended fuel supply shortly after the government announced minor cut if fuel prices. The market sources said that the gasoline pumps suspended fuel supply after Friday midnight to avoid financial loss on the available stocks. On the other hand, some filling station owners were of the view that the delay in issuance of notification by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) in this regard also caused worst scarcity. The consumers and motorists have demanded the Supreme Court (SC) Chief Justice and the Lahore High Court Chief Justice to take suo moto notice of the artificial fuel shortage in the wake of change in fuel prices and direct the authorities concerned to devise a mechanism to ensure uninterrupted supply. The petrol pump owner has directed us to immediately suspend fuel supply to the motorists as the government is announcing new prices. The motorists will have to wait for the formal notification, Mushtaq Ahmed, worker at a filling station said. Taking advantage of the situation, the fuel outlets having some stock resorted to overcharging to mint extra money on Sunday. However, the market forces were of the view that the fuel supply situation would improve after the notification of the new prices. The gasoline pump would also resume supply on the new rates, he added. Long queues of motorcyclists were witnessed at some fuel outlets where petrol was being sold at old rates Rs 62.42 per litre. It is worth mentioning here that at least 90 to 80 per cent filling stations suspended fuel supply in the City due to what they said the 'worst petrol shortage. I received supply of 16,000-litre petrol on Saturday. This fuel was sold out before 12:00 at noon on Sunday due to panic buying on the part of motorcyclists, owner of a fuel supply station said. The petrol shortage has created a serious situation in the City as most of the filling stations were either closed or stopped supply to the motorists. Most of the owners of petrol pumps displayed handwritten notices at their filling stations stating, which were read as 'do not demand petrol please. 'Petrol is not available here. I have visited almost seven filling stations in Johar Town and Faisal Town in search of petrol but to no avail. Now I have decided to park my bike at home and walk on foot to a nearby bus stop to reach my destination, Ali Hassan, an employee at the Jinnah Hospital said. It seemed that the fuel shortage has hampered normal life in the City, another commuter commented. The motorists further revealed that the oil marketing companies and the dealers are creating artificial shortage to earn huge profit from the innocent consumers. They demanded the government to launch a massive crackdown against the profiteers in order to improve fuel supply situation at fixed price. The dealers said the oil marketing companies were responsible for the fuel shortage because these companies had cut down fuel supply to a considerable extent owing to cut in the fuel prices. The oil marketing companies have stopped supply to the filling stations after the cut in fuel prices, a representative of the Petroleum Dealers Association said, when contacted. Justifying his point of view, he said that more than 350 filling stations had gone out of stock in the City while the rest of the fuel outlets had been getting even less fuel as compared to their demand.