ISLAMABAD - The government is considering re-establishing Islamabad High Court and making arrangements in this regard, Minister of State for Law Afzal Sindhu informed TheNation on Sunday. Afzal Sindhu said that the government would establish the court according to law. He also referred to the Supreme Courts judgment in this regard which had stated that the establishment of the Islamabad High Court might be desirable but the same was established in an unlawful and highly objectionable manner. So, Sindhu added, all legal requirements would be fulfilled in re-establishing the Islamabad High Court. When asked whether the government would re-establish the court through an ordinance or act of the Parliament, Sindhu informed it would be decided in the PPP meeting prior to the National Assemblys session. We are part of a democratic set up and involve our party stalwarts and experts in the decision-making process, the State Minister added. Sindhu further said both the presidential order and act of the Parliament are constitutionally allowed methods and it is up to the party how it decides to re-establish the court. He further said that arrangements were underway for the purpose in the concerned departments. Regarding the possible timeframe for re-establishing the Islamabad High Court, Sindhu said he would only be able to inform on the issue after the party meeting.