BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Tareq Aziz, Iraqs former deputy prime minister was sentenced on Sunday to seven years in jail for his role in the forced displacement of Kurds from oil-prosperous northeastern Iraq during Saddams rule. In March he was given a 15-year sentence for his role in the killing of dozens of traders for breaking state price controls in 1992. Two lawyers said the sentences would be added together so 73-year-old Aziz would serve 22 years in jail. The March ruling was the first time Aziz, who also served as foreign minister and was the international face of the Saddam regime, was convicted of a crime since giving himself up to US troops in April 2003, two weeks after the former Iraqi leaders rule ended. Because you committed, in partnership (with others), the crime of forced displacement against the Kurdish people, the court has decided to condemn you ... to seven years in prison, Judge Mahmoud Salih said, giving the jurys verdict. Azizs sentence in March came less than two weeks after the same tribunal cleared Aziz, of any role in killing and displacing Shia Muslims in 1999. That trial saw Saddams cousin, Ali Hassan al-Majeed, receive a third death sentence. Majeed, nicknamed Chemical Ali for his use of poison gas to kill Kurds in the 1980s, was also sentenced in the trader case to 15 years. Political disputes have delayed his execution. Some within Iraq have seen the trials of Saddams allies as revenge against those who flourished under his Sunni-led regime. Aziz rose to prominence around the time of Iraqs invasion of Kuwait and the 1991 Gulf War, when he was foreign minister, exhibiting excellent English and robust negotiating skills. He was the only Christian in Saddams government. He also featured prominently in Iraqs conflict with Iran from 1980-1988, helping win US support for Saddams invasion. The Iraqi High Tribunal was set up after the 2003 US-led invasion to try Saddam and former members of his government. Saddam was executed in December 2006 after being convicted of crimes against humanity for the killing of 148 Shia men and boys after a 1982 assassination attempt.