KABUL (AFP) - The Afghan government warned Sunday it would deal strictly with anyone who uses violence to protest the outcome of this months elections, amid fears of a repeat of the bloody demonstrations in Iran. A reported warning that Afghans could take their guns onto the streets should President Hamid Karzai win a second term on August 20 has drawn strong condemnation, with the British Embassy adding this would be unacceptable. The Ministry of Interior will deal strictly with those who want to impose their wishes on the ... people of Afghanistan through the force of guns, the office said in a Press release. The Ministry, responsible for securing the election, said those behind statements that cause destruction, plunder and disturb the security of citizens were subject to criminal charges that could earn the death penalty. The time had passed in which people could force their wishes on each other with weapons, it said, referring to Afghanistans decades of war. British Ambassador Mark Sedwill said separately: Incitement of violence is completely unacceptable. There would be serious consequences for anyone involved in such behaviour.