ISLAMABAD (APP) - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has held loadshedding responsible for water shortage in some areas particularly in sectors I and H. An official of the CDA when contacted informed that if these sectors were exempted from leadshedding by the concerned authorities, it would help the Authority a great deal in providing water to the dwellers of these sectors without any disruption. Reacting to a news item published in a section of press about water shortage in some areas, he said since water pumps and tube wells installed in these sectors to draw underground water are powered by electricity, any disruption in the power supply renders these devices non-functional. In case of a power breakdown, it brings to a halt the functioning of pumps and tube wells which results in the stoppage of supply of water to the residents, he added. He informed the department does its utmost to ensure uninterrupted supply of water to the citizens, and in this regard, it had constituted two squads; one tackling the problem of illegal water connections and the other repairing leakages in the water pipelines. Even, during the crisis time, when curfew had been clamped down on sector G-6 a few years ago, CDA personnel did not let things go worse as far as supply of water to the said sector is concerned, and ensured the water supply by personally visiting the affected areas, he added. The official said that sometimes during the process of repairing the leakage, supply of water to certain areas has to be stopped, and thats why their repair is delayed till an appropriate time, in order to save the inhabitants from any hardship.