The Bar Councils around the country exploded into jubilation and TV channel networks ran berserk minutes after the Supreme Court announced Nov 3 steps of former COAS and President General Pervez Musharraf as unconstitutional but the entire country mostly in rural areas, the poor and the lower middle class and rich in the urban centres looked shocked without knowing what good the Apex Court action would bring to Pakistani society crippled by back breaking price hike, deteriorating law and the spectre of terrorism walking across the country. During the lawyers long march it was claimed that the restoration of Chief Justice would make land of Pakistan flowing with honey and milk. It did not happen as claimed by the leaders of the lawyers movement and it is certain that whatever good was being interpreted from the Supreme Court judgement would not happen. Pakistan would remain in turmoil and overwhelming percentage of the population will keep groaning under the mountain of problems irrespective how the events that unfolded in the Apex Court building. Analysts are of the opinion that the verdict would open up the Pandoras Box and the society will be more divided and there would be camps for and against the judiciary which look to have behaved like a bull in a china shop. It the strangest verdicts in which the former Chief Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar has been shorn of his title and all his actions ruled as wrong except the one in which his has taken the oath from President Asif Ali Zardari. Its a schizophrenic verdict which has been described by those qualified to comment as Judicial Coup to kill a military coup. What had happened in Punjab couple of days, the lawyers in Lahore ran amok, they attacked the office of a senior district administration official, forcing the government to transfer her; they locked a family court judge inside the courtroom; they publicly thrashed a police official inside a sessions court and to top it all, they beat up a cameraman who covered their brutal treatment of the cop. Their ruthless attack on revenue officials in Faisalabad, scuffles with Wapda officials in Kasur and Gujranwala and their internal fracas over the presidency of the Lahore High Court Bar Association are also of recent origin. The remarks of the Punjab police chief that district courts work in fear of the lawyers and cannot give independent verdicts is an eye opener. The belief that the lawyers movement was nothing but a revolution has led the black-coats to trample on anyone and everything considered anathema. The lawyers see themselves standing atop a societal heap after the success of their movement for the restoration of the judges. They think that courts owe their independence to them and, therefore, should work in their thrall. They believe that they can take on anyone, any department, any authority, any government without fear of punishment. The verdict also reminded the great and historical statements of Mark Anthony at the end of the funeral of Julius Caesar said that Now let it work. Mischief, thou art afoot. Take thou what course thou wilt No matter how loudly and coarsely the lawyers leaders and the TV anchors shout to defend the verdict and to wrongly highlight the alleged positives, the decision could certainly be derailed the political process and would deluge the sanctity to the constitution with hundreds of petitions which are bound to come before the supreme judiciary which have taken a wired stance to settle its scores (no offence means). If the man in uniform try to awe the judiciary with its decision of Nov 3 the judiciary sitting in august Supreme Court acted with the same vendetta.