KARACHI - Nishanat-e-Arz-e-Nabawi is a soul-stirring book of historical record that presents chronological facts in the most alluring style with uncommon photographs of relics and sacred places. This was stated by Zille Ahmed Nizami, Chancellor Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology while speaking as chief guest at the launching ceremony of Nishanat-e-Arz-e-Nabawi written by Shah Misbahuddin, held at Bahadur Yar Jang Academy. Presiding over the ceremony, Mr. Nizami said that concrete research synchronised with reliable references makes the book an important historical document for people to take guidance. Relevant-to-the-text poetry is deftly used on each page of the book that truly enhanced the beauty and credibility of the book. He added that he was one of the top 8 town planners who were especially invited from different countries of the world by King Faisal of Saudi Arabia to give proposals for town development and the King Faisal always gave importance to his propositions. Professor Mir Hamid Ali, President Bahadur Yar Jang Academy said that Nishanat-e-Arz-e-Nabawi is a well researched thesis and Shah Misbahuddin Shakeel has earned a passport to paradise for this divine work of him Prof. Dr. Noor Ahmed Shehtaz, Director Shaikh Zahid Islamic Centre, University of Karachi said Nishanat-e-Arz-e-Nabawi offers comprehensive knowledge of sacred places in accordance to the historical and geographical background while featuring seerat-e-rasool in a very touching way. Prof. Dr. Nigar Sajjad Zaheer, Head of Islamic Studies Department, University of Karachi said Nishanat-e-Arz-e-Nabawi is a fine piece of seerat nigari. The ceremony concluded with the speech by Shah Misbahuddin Shakeel, author of the book. The eminent religious research scholar thanked the persons who supported him in preparation of this remarkable book.