LAHORE - Federal Minister for Water and Power Raja Pervaiz Ashraf revealed here on Sunday that the rental power plants would help generate 1500 to 1600 MW of electricity by the end of this year. It will also help resolve the power shortfall being faced by the industry and trade sectors at present. Pakistan is facing a shortfall of 3500 MW electricity now and consolidated efforts are being made to overcome this challenge, Raja told reporters while addressing a press conference here at the WAPDA House. Earlier, the minister attended a briefing on the implementation of plans to overcome current energy crisis in the country at the Wapda House. However, he admitted that the power generated through the rental power plants would be costly as compared to the electricity generated by the IPPs. He also tried to dispel the impression that the rent offered by the government to the rental power plants is more than the total price of rental plant. He said that the contracts to the rental plants have been awarded through transparent international competitive biddings. He also claimed that the government would safeguard the interests of the country and the people as the deals are completely above board. The minister also urged the masses to conserve energy, as according to him a unit conserved is far better than the unit generated. The minister said that the power conservation is one of the three goals alongwith power generation and power shortfall control set by the government to overcome the current energy crisis in the country. Power conservation is beneficial for the individual as well as the nation, he added. He said that the country is facing a shortfall of 3500-MW electricity and the PPP-led government is striving hard to overcome the challenge of energy crisis. He said that the government has the infrastructure to meet the challenge and no stone would be left unturned to free the people and the business community from clutches of power crisis. He said that the government is committed to welfare of the people and IPPs and the rental power plants are meant to alleviate the difficulties of the people in the country. The minister said that he is accountable to the people of Pakistan and any criticism for betterment would be welcomed. He said that he is also ready to discuss the issue of rental power plants at any forum in order to eradicate any kind of misunderstandings.