I would humbly remind you, Mr President, that action always speaks louder than words. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: 'Whatever course you decide upon there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage.' Do you have enough?-A quote from Linda S Heard's recent article. Indeed, the emerging Third World, countries like Pakistan, Iran, Malaysia, those on the African continent and in the rest of the Islamic world will be told that we are wrong if we decided to take a revisionist view of Anglo-American political and military history, particularly of the recent post-independence era, of post First and Second World Wars global politics. We would be told that we have been misled by left wing propaganda, influenced by the perceptual dysfunctional attitudes of extremist elements, led astray by Godless ideological dogmas, and intellectually and philosophically betrayed by Islamic fundamentalists who hate the US-West's technological civilisation and its capitalistic democracy. And yet, considering the state of political, military, economic and socio-cultural developments in the contemporary world, the power imbalance vis--vis the West-US and the international community of nations, we have no option but to challenge the fundamentals of Anglo-American political and ideological doctrines - most specifically its political and military history that has been shoved upon us as a dynamic process of advancement towards human development, democracy and freedom, socio-cultural emancipation and liberty. But do we have the courage and political will to challenge these clichs and set history's records straight? Shouldn't there be a re-examining of "Jewish Holocaust" claims - scientifically and through appropriate academic research? Shouldn't the use of atomic bombs by the US against two Japanese cities (and consequently against civilian population) be re-investigated as a crime against humanity rather than accept the American politically tinted version of this event? Wasn't the invasion of Vietnam and the killing of millions a crime against a nation and its people? How about the merciless bombing of Dresden, a city of no military significance, at the end of Second World War by the allied forces - wasn't it a blatant disregard of human life and an exercise of lethal brutal military power? What about the recent "Gaza Holocaust"? What about the six decades of ongoing Israeli brutality against the Palestinian people? For what humanitarian purposes are the US and its allies killing innocent Iraqis and destroying an ancient civilisation? Why are the Americans and NATO allies in Afghanistan? What are the political intentions and military-economic agenda of a superpower and its allies in the context of today's global politics? There are too many loose ends to be pulled together The list of the Anglo-American military-political interventions in every corner of the globe and the socio-economic destruction that they have brought with them in the wake of their imperialist and expansionist political doctrine is endless. What about the Anglo-American support of dictatorships all over the world? How can one justify the covert actions, assassinations of nationalist leaders and military-political sabotage of nationalist movements throughout the emerging Third World democracies? What about the propping-up of the client regimes in the newly independent nations, bribing and encouraging corruption by the international financial institutions against nationalist interests and the spread of economic capitalism by close collaboration of vested interests (elites) in these countries? And yet, the point is that we in the Third World have accepted the Anglo-Americans as the final arbitrators of the world's political and military history. It is simply irrational. It is deeply flawed - it is deceptive - it is absolutely a treacherous perception. How can one that commits crimes be the judge at the same time? We in the Third World need to look for alternative explanations - develop a revisionist perspective on Anglo-American views. We should look for answers, authenticated historical epilogues, resolves and true constructs of reality somewhere else. We need to look at alternate political systems and find out what transpires to cause the rape of a larger segment of humanity by the aggressive, brutal and merciless greed of capitalism as sponsored and applied worldwide by the Anglo-American dogmatic ideologues and doctrine. Standing in the vast Stalin Square before the majestic statue of Stalin during a holiday visit to Gori, Georgia, (Stalin's birthplace) I contemplated over these issues: indeed, the self-proclaimed champions of human liberty, the Anglo-American political establishments, Western social scientists and the so-called free media have already told us that no greater atrocity and evil has befallen humanity than the curse of the Soviet Revolution and one of its embodiments in the person of Joseph Stalin. May be true - if you wish to blindly believe unscrupulous judges - usurpers that support their political undertakings with crooked logic, hypocrisy and glaring contradictions. But I reckon that there is more to human creativity, zealousness, vision and sincerity of purpose than what we have been led to believe so far - particularly of the Soviet Revolution. As my guide took me to Stalin's modest birth cottage and continued the tour of the museum, I realised the enormous quantum strides made in social engineering and humanitarian developments, unprecedented in history, in the immediate post-revolutionary Soviet Union (though none of this is highlighted in the museum): full employment, full literacy, housing for all, complete and comprehensive medical and social coverage, schooling for everyone, a vast number of vocational and academic institutions and universities, professional training centres, roads and public parks, opera houses, the promotion of art and culture, a vast and efficient underground public transport system, a well-balanced approach in urban and rural area development, family laws protecting child and mothers, laws governing employment security and a fundamental focus on family life and community development - the Soviet Revolution did create a nearly classless social system and a dynamic scientific and technological (including space technology and medical research) advancement. It could not have been so bad, after all. As we took a tour of Stalin's modest railway coach in which he lived and travelled in during the Second World War, I asked my guide if I could sit in Stalin's office chair. She was gracious enough to allow me, though it was not really permitted. Sitting in his chair, I realised the enormity of the personal pain and anguish that comes with a personal tragedy, the depth of commitment to public service, the sincerity of purpose, the level of sacrifice, the emotional strength to put a principle before a personal gain and yet survive and exist with determined faith to go on serving the nation's interests: Stalin's son, Iakob Jugashvili was taken a prisoner by Germany during the Second World War. Hitler made an offer to Stalin to release his son in exchange for a certain number of German prisoners. Stalin refused. He asked how he could do that. How could he put his son's life over and above the lives of others? How could he compromise his dignity, his credibility as a public leader? What would he tell his nation, soldiers and officers of his army? How could he be so selfish? His son Iakob was shot dead in a prison camp in Germany. His pictures were sent to Stalin. It must have not been easy. But he was only one of the 20 million Russians who perished during the Second World War. Indeed, sitting in Stalin's chair has been an education in personal compassion and the human ability to rise above personal tragedy to serve a greater cause - and an understanding of the depth of the required personal commitment and endless courage to serve one's nation. For we have always been told that communist Russians were (and are) Godless monsters living amongst us as the embodiment of the Devil on earth... Sit in Stalin's chair and look around today. Decide for yourself: Who are the monsters and who are the devils? The writer is a professor, a political analyst and a conflict resolution expert. 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