RAWALPINDI - Despite getting adequate stationery funds from Punjab government, the doctors (wards heads) of District Headquarters Hospital (DHQ), Raja Bazaar, are forcing the poor patients coming from far-flung areas of the district for medical treatment to buy admission files from a photocopy shop situated in premises of the hospital. In case of refusal by any patient, the doctors and other staff (ward boys and nurses) misbehave with the patient and some time annul his or her admission in the ward while Medical Superintendent (Dr Khalid Iqbal has allegedly kept mum over the issue, sources inside the hospital revealed to TheNation on Sunday. The admission file, which comprises some 12 to 18 pages in photocopy shape, is used to write the daily health condition of the patients with medicine plan by the staff nurses on the directives of the head doctors of the ward concerned. According to the sources as well as some senior doctors of the DHQ, Punjab government issues adequate stationery funds to the hospital administration for this purpose and the file is issued free by the ward staff to every patient on the time of admission in the DHQ hospital. During a visit to the hospital, it was learnt that the administration had sufficient stationery funds but the patients were being forced by the ENT ward staff and others wards as well to buy admission file from a particular photo state shop within the premises of the hospital which was a sheer violation of the rules and regulations. When this scribe contacted ENT ward staff nurse and asked her about the mater, she, who was not ready to tell her name, simply replied I really do not know that what is going in ENT ward. I have been transferred here today and this is my first day. It will be better for you to visit ENT in morning for getting good information in this regard However, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of the hospital Dr Ilyas was of the view that only expected mothers had to face the situation (admission file shortage) in Gyne ward and are asked to buy the file from outside but only when the patients were in big numbers. But it happens rarely he added. The MS of the hospital Dr Khalid Malik, when contacted said that he would take the notice of the issue. Meanwhile, a good number of patients, while talking to TheNation, also complained that the specialist doctors of the hospital did not check them and refer them to trainee doctors (house job doctors) who just ask about the decease instead of using medical instruments like stethoscope or thermometer and suggest them some medicines.