KARACHI - The unfair road tax imposed by the Afghan government on goods transport has been flayed by the transporters. They appealed to the government to immediately talk to the Afghan government and resolve this issue as hundreds of vehicles have been stuck there for 2 days. We will stop taking our tankers and vehicles to the Afghanistan if such issues are not resolved on immediate basis, they said. It is to be noted here that the Afghan government has imposed Rs7,000 as a road tax on every goods carriage entering Afghanistan, resultantly many hundred vehicles have stuck at Torkham Border including 25 oil tankers. Talking to The Nation, Yousaf Shahvai, chairman Oil Tankers Association, has vowed not to pay single penny as it is highly unfair and adds to the miseries of the transporters, who have already been suffering from unfair taxes of Rs4,000-5,000 imposed by the National Highway Authority. We have security threats and many of our drivers have been killed, besides pelting with stones and damages to the vehicles, he added. Shahvai further said that the governments of both the countries along with representatives of oil tankers association and contractors should sit to resolve the issues and problems of the transporters which they are facing since long. The contractor has to be made accountable for the money he pays to the tanker owners, which is in rupees while he takes in dollars from the NATO, he added.