ISLAMABAD - The problem of unemployment in the wake of existing financial crisis has intensified to an alarming extent, as thousand of the skilled workers laid off during the recent downsizing are unable to find alternative source of income. The data, collected by TheNation, shows that the deteriorating economic indicators have led not only the small enterprises to wind up their businesses, rather have simultaneously resulted into the closure of huge industrial groups, dimming the prospectus of jobs for the hoi polloi further. One of the prominent industrial groups in Hattar Industrial Estate, which suspended its operations last year, stands now at the verge of collapse and has stopped paying salaries to its employees. Hundreds of the employees of the group staged a massive protest in Hattar against the non-payment of their dues a few months ago, but to no avail as the management has run short of funds, as all the five production units of the factory are closed. Similarly, several other small industrial units have also been downsized in Hattar and around two thousand workers in the industrial zone have been laid off so far. Apart from that, thousands others have not been paid salaries regularly as their firms have fallen short of capital due to the crisis. The frequent protests and demonstration carried out by the factories workers in Hattar depict that things are moving from bad to worse. Not only the industrial sector has fired thousands of workers, several services companies, particularly Chinese firms involved in telecommunication, engineering and construction business have shut doors to dozens of Pakistani employees. Some sacked employees told TheNation that their services had been terminated in violation of rules but their respective managements cited the problem of lack of funds. Majority of the job losers is unable to find alternative jobs or other sources of income to feed their families. Most of them are the sole breadwinners of their families. Instead of making hollow promises and relying on uncertain foreign aid and funding, the government should come with a solid policy to revive indigenous and domestic industry to avoid unemployment burgeoning day by day.