First Lady Begum Fauzia Gilani had a word of acknowledgement for legendary folk singer Reshman while giving her a Rs 1 million cheque for medical treatment last week in Islamabad: Singers like her are our national asset; she has given a unique identity to the country through her melodious voice and art. Like husband, like wife. The First Couple has not only good ears for music but also infatuation with melody, especially the one that rises from the Seraiki soil, be it Reshman's or of the mid-70s teenage sensation from Multan. * * * * * * * * * * * * Punjab, regarded by its present rulers as the bastion of the rule of law, has a Cabinet whose members are competing with each other to demolish Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif's edifice of good governance. Between the two mainstream parties in coalition in the province, it's a free-for-all situation. They are all having good times out in their constituencies intimidating their opponents, attacking police stations, patronizing land mafias or doing all that could immediately invoke the penal law against an ordinary criminal. Revenue Minister Haji Ishaq didn't have his armed-to-teeth supporters disappointed by readily getting the SHO, whom they had beaten up, transferred from his hometown.