BFT London - Lily Allen is reportedly angry that her music isn’t doing as well as she’d hoped. The 29-year-old marked her comeback to the industry with latest album Sheezus, released following a hiatus to look after her daughters Marnie and Ethel. There have been mixed responses to her new sound, and after her new single URL Badman made no dent on singles charts around the globe, Lily is said to be feeling more anxious than ever.

‘Lily is devastated her single didn’t do as well as she’d hoped. She’s angry, and struggling to cope with being a mom and pop star,’ a source told British magazine Closer. ‘She’s so worked up she is smoking and barely eating.’ It seems hubby Sam Cooper is also worried. To add to the failings of her music, Lily was recently axed from working on a musical adaptation of best-selling book and hit movie Bridget Jones’s Diary. Her spouse is also fearful of the singer taking to the road with Miley Cyrus as part of the star’s Bangerz Tour. ‘Sam is worried about Lily, but he knows what she’s like, so he is giving her time and space to cool down. He’s told her he’ll always support her,’ the source added. ‘Lily’s team fear she’s putting an incredible amount of pressure on herself. They’ve begged her to take time off, but she won’t slow down. She’s determined to prove herself in America.’ Lily might be facing tough times but she manages to get through it, recently admitting she usually goes with her ‘gut feeling’ despite others’ opinions.