KARACHI - MQM chief Altaf Hussain has urged United Nations and Nato forces to stage on-ground intervention in Karachi, reiterating the demand for a separate province for Muhajirs.

Addressing annual party convention in US city of Dallas in wee hours of Sunday, he urged party supporters to stage sit-in demos outside Nato and UN offices, and the White House to demand sending troops to Karachi.

In his provocative address, Altaf again bashed Pakistan Army and (Punjabi) ‘establishment’ and accused them of persecuting Urdu-speaking people and singling out Muttahida Qaumi Movement in Karachi operation.

He said India is a coward country because if it had any dignity, it would not let “blood of Muhajirs spill on Pakistani soil”, indirectly inciting it to stage some military action against Pakistan.

MQM leaders Nadeem Nusrat, Babar Ghauri, Khushbakht Shujaat, Wasay Jalil and others also addressed the convention in which satirical speeches against Pakistan security forces were read out.

Altaf dismissed money laundering charges against him and said all bank accounts in London had been frozen and party members were dealing with a difficult situation there. He said he hadn’t formed a linguistic or extremist organisation and yet was being booked in over 150 cases of treason.

He said that changes are being witnessed fast around the globe and opined that ‘Greater Balochistan’ and ‘Greater Pakhtunistan’ will be created while Karachi would be the headquarters of ‘Greater Punjab’. He said whenever party workers would give green signal the MQM would officially demand a separate province for Muhajirs.

MQM chief said biased elements in the ‘establishment’ have decided to eliminate those Muhajir youth who are raising voice for their rights. These biased people also have decided to force Muhajirs into slavery, he alleged. He directed party workers to write letters to US newspapers and make them aware of the ‘actual situation’ in Pakistan.

Terrorism is biggest threat for Pakistan, he asserted, claiming that organisations banned by interior ministry were still operating openly and raising funds while an unannounced ban has been imposed on MQM’s charity work. He said party workers are being tortured and target killed.

“The entire scenario is enough to realise whether it’s me who is afraid of Pakistan Army or the army is frightened of me... Earlier, I made a mistake by saluting Pakistan armed forces as these forces on direction of US army fired bullets in Holy Ka’aba and carried out carnage of Muslims in Bangladesh,” said the MQM chief.