Karachi - Sindh Minister for Irrigation & Information Nisar Ahmed Khuhro has termed the demand of Altaf Hussain for NATO forces in Karachi unrealistic, unwarranted and unconstitutional.

In a statement issued here on Sunday, Khuhro said that Pakistan is a sovereign state hence PPP condemns demand of Altaf Hussain for UN forces in Karachi. "This demand is unpatriotic and illegal. It has hurt feelings of the Nation," he said and added "Altaf Hussain's request for Indian help is highly undesirable. It is an unpatriotic demand knowing well that the Indian mind set is anti Pakistan.”

It may be noted that Altaf Husain has written a letter to Secretary General of UN demanding for deployment of UN forces in Karachi. He has also stated that India is coward seeing the killings of Muhajers and staying quite.

He said that the article 5 of the constitution demands total loyalty to Pakistan and PPP demands federal government to constitute a high level commission to investigate this violation of constitution made by Altaf Hussain.The Irrigation & Information Minister said that targeted operation in Karachi being conducted by Police and Rangers is against terrorists and criminals. "It is an indiscriminate operation.

It is not against any political party," he clarified and added that targeted operation has produced good results and peace has finally returned to the city.PPP further demands from Altaf Hussain to withdraw the letter written to UN immediately.