Avril Lavigne would like to move to Italy as she always feels “dreamy” there. The 30-year-old singer is best known for her hit singles Complicated and I’m with You. But the star would like to add more strings to her bow, starting with acting.

“My next goal in life is moviemaking! I want to act in a Christmas movie, horror film, comedy, and more,” she told Us Weekly. “After music, art, acting, and fashion design are my passions.” During her chat with the outlet, Avril opened up about her other life aspirations. One of them includes moving from her native Canada to a European destination.

“I want to move to Italy. I feel dreamy and happy there,” she smiled. “I want to eat, drink wine, and make incredible memories there in my future.”

Italy wouldn’t be the first European country the singer has lived in though. Avril’s father is French and she has been legally French herself since birth. She applied for her French passport in 2011 and made the move to the country soon after.

“I moved to France by myself, not knowing anyone, to study French in 2012,” she continued. The country was where Avril held her wedding to second husband and fellow musician Chad Kroeger in July 2013. She was previously married to Sum 41 singer and guitarist Deryck Whibley for four years until their divorce in November 2010. Since then, Avril has launched her charity The Avril Lavigne Foundation as well as a personal fundraising campaign for Special Olympics. “My goal is to bring joy, support, and unity to those in need,” she said of the Foundation.